It’s holiday season! But rather than writing your packing list, are you worried about leaving your business behind? Are you already getting anxious about changing your voicemail to inform people you aren’t available. Worse still, are you planning on taking those calls while you’re by the pool?

Well your holiday is calling and Rubix Response can handle all your calls while you are on your break. After all, you have earned it, which is why we have special offer to cover your business calls.


This gives you even more time to go on holiday throughout August, September and October.

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Why choose Rubix Response?

Rubix Response is a professional and cost-efficient call handling service, helping small businesses across the UK deal with inbound calls and queries when they are unable to answer the calls themselves. With skilled and friendly virtual office assistants taking care of your calls, you can rest easy knowing clients and prospective clients are in safe hands.

Don’t forget, it’s not just your own holiday that you could be covering. With the next eight weeks being the prime time for jetting off to hotter destinations then staff members might also be taking some well-earned time off. This however, means you may require some additional support for days or even weeks.

With no fixed-term contract in place, Rubix Response can help you answer calls, take your messages and confirm meetings. We can fill that gap you are probably dreading and maintain that level of customer service your clients are used to.


As a virtual answering service, we don’t just answer call. We also help you maintain that level of professionalism you have developed in your business. You will not have to step in and fulfil multiple roles in your staff members’ absences which could manifest in a decline of efficiency if you are having to do too much.

If you are on holiday yourself, you certainly won’t need to answer calls. Instead, you will blissfully enjoy time with your family on a holiday you have discussed for months. Relax, rest and recuperate while knowing your messages and actions can be handed back to you on your return.

Rubix Response will guarantee your holiday is truly a break from worrying about business and stressing about calls.

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