Customer service is at the heart of everything a business does – without customers, any service or product a business offers, is useless if not worthless.

It does not matter whether a potential customer finds your company through your website or even word of mouth, that discovery will usually be followed up with a phone call.

But what if you are not always free to answer the call? What if budget constraints mean you cannot afford to hire full-time reception staff or an administration assistant?

The solution is to outsource the task to a service such as Rubix Response who will integrate with your business, ensuring we reflect your company’s ethos and tone and effectively act as an extension of you.

But if that’s not enough, here are 4 more reasons Rubix Response should answer calls and queries on your behalf whether you are available or not.

1. Cost efficient

The cost of hiring someone to work full or even part time to answer phones is costly. It’s not just payroll but other liabilities such as National Insurance, sick pay, equipment and holidays which you need to take into consideration.

But you can cut all these costs when you choose to work with Rubix Response. You can enjoy all the benefits of having an inhouse team without a contract. You can turn the service on or off depending on your financial situation – we simply need 30 days’ notice.

2. Always in touch with your business

Our operators will screen and transfer calls to your home or mobile number or better yet, take a message and allow you to return calls when you have more time. Every call from each customer, whether current or prospective, is treated with the utmost professionalism, giving you peace of mind while you do what you do best which is to work on the business and not in it.

With a number of bespoke packages on offer, which include diary management and web chat services up until 10pm on weekdays and 7pm at the weekend, Rubix Response will ensure you never miss an enquiry. With statistics showing that 85% of people will not get back in touch if they do not get a response first time, taking every call is vital.

3. Create trust and establish brand loyalty

There is no doubt a telephone call establishes more of a connection between your business and your customers than an email exchange. When it is simply words on a page, messages can get lost in translation. What’s more, emotions, tones and ethos are more difficult to establish via text alone, meaning it is far easier to make your customers and potential clients feel valued and welcome when they can speak to someone over the phone.

Conversations are also key when it comes to developing trust between your company and its clients. By answering a phone call immediately, you are available. You are present. You are active and alert. All of this is key to customer satisfaction which will help establish you as a trusted and respectable brand.

4. Increase productivity

Finally, when you are in the middle of important paperwork, working on a deadline or simply in a meeting, answering a call could mean you lose focus. You could lose also lose momentum, which over time is detrimental to your business. It could also mean you do not answer the call in the best way if caught off guard.

Having Rubix Response answer all your calls will create consistency and let you get on with your day without interruption.

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