Entrepreneurs are often looking for big ideas.

We want the big secret that will transform our business into a runaway success.

But perhaps the big secret to success isn’t a big secret at all; perhaps the secret of success is getting the little things right.

Maybe great businesses start with the details.

If we can get the little things right, big things will follow.

Opportunity is calling

Simply answering the phone, every time, is a surprisingly powerful way to transform your business.

Every call is an opportunity. And most opportunities don’t call back.

You might think your voicemail has you covered.

But it doesn’t.

People call you when they need something right now. Not in half an hour – or in two days. Callers pick up the phone because they need immediate help.

75% of people think calling is the best way to get a fast response. People in a hurry don’t just give up because you send them to voicemail – they call someone else.

If you can’t help a customer right now, your competitor will.

Answer on the first call

A staggering 85% of people don’t try again if you miss their call.

If you don’t answer the first time, you’re unlikely to get a second time.

This statistic is less surprising when we consider our own behaviour. How often do you try calling someone twice? If you’re looking for a new supplier, you want someone who is readily available and responsive when you need them.

Each call might be a new prospect, or an existing customer. So we could be losing new business, or disappointing our existing customers. While this is bad for business either way, it’s worth noting that economists reckon that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing customers.

Your customers are ready to switch

Customers are always on the lookout for a better deal. And your competitors are always looking for ways to tempt your customers to switch sides. This is why smart businesses do everything they can to provide exemplary customer service.

66% of customers will switch providers because of poor customer service – and 40% of customers think good customer service is worth moving to your competitor for.

Call answering services

A professional call answering service ensures you catch every opportunity and delight every customer.

It might seem like a small change to make, but your next missed call could be from the biggest opportunity ever to come knocking. Is that something you want to miss?